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A douchebag who is clueless to the world because they are distracted by their iPod and do generally stupid or thoughtless shit like walk out into traffic or hold the line up at the grocery store.
That iBag just about rolled up on my hood after stepping off the curb as he fidgeted with his damn iPod.
by MJ60660 March 05, 2010
A Java cargo-cultist whom prefixes all interfaces with the upper-case "I" character for no reason; a nerdy D-Bag.
IBaggger: public class CatImpl implements ICat { }
Me: WTF?
by RemoteNemesis August 12, 2010
The act of T-bagging by a person who is missing one testicle, or a uninut.
Do you think that Lance Armstrong i-bagged Cheryl Crow? I know I would've.
by The Great Badger August 25, 2008
A play off of the word dbag or douchebag describing someone who is utterly annoying due to an obsession with his/her iPhone.

At the bank: Hey iBag! Stop playing around with your iPhone! The bank teller said she can help the next person in line! That means you!

At the poker table: Hey John, it's your turn to act man. John... John... Hey iBag! Put your iPhone down! It's your turn to act!
by Arjay Letrero October 17, 2007
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