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1) When you ask someone a really easy question or say a comment to them. They answer:

-I don't know
- they say something random
-they point in some random direction and say "its over there"

2) i-Sponsed. pastense of i-Sponse
1.Laura: Hey, you are really hot.

Andrew (Listening to his i-Pod): "I don't know."

Laura: uhh. ok. do you want to go out with me?

Andrew: *points left* "It's over there."

Laura runs to Juliana..

Juliana: how did it go girlll?

Laura: Ugh. He couldn't hear me. I got the i-Sponse.

Juliana: Ouch.

2. Caroline: So Uh, how was your day today?

Garrett (Listening to his iPod and dancing widly):OMG star friut is delicious.

Caroline: Uh?? what?

Garrett: Iguanas?
by hockey=love September 24, 2009
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