A very funny webcomic, called ih8uprod.com
d00d! d1d j00 r34d iH8uprod.com yesterday? 17 r0xX0rZ
by mUnkee October 27, 2003
Top Definition
A funny way to spell "i hate you"
i h8 u is a better way to spell i hate you
by claustrophobic chicken February 06, 2005
I hate you
ih8u d00d

by Anonymous July 18, 2003
a cool IM/GAMER term to say i hate you
"o sally ih8u!"
by asdfg3 August 28, 2008
*i h8 u* is the word wat bratty kidz or suicidal teenz use insted of using physiciall violance

(i h8 u )
used by preps kidz goths ang suicidals stoners and gayz
i h8 u micheal ur such a bitch
by get lost u evil swinish dog April 04, 2004
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