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1) Means "I don't know". Contrary to popular belief, does not mean "Keep asking me the same question and maybe an answer will pop up."
1) Her "What turns you on about bondage?"
Me "I dunno"
Her "Is it being tied down or having no control or having to place your trust in someone?"
Me "I don't know you stupid bitch! Stop asking the damn question!"
by OogaBooga October 26, 2004
Slang for I don't know.
I dunno what movie we're watching tonight.
by fphate August 06, 2004
what people say when they don't feel like saying i don't know

Can also be said to be annoying
"hey do you want to go to the movies?"

"i dunno"
by i'm hungry! August 23, 2007
Steve Jobs' answer to all questions regarding the newest iPhone and all of it's issues
Question: "Why is the iPhone having drop call issues?"

Steve: "iDunno"

Question: "Well when am I getting my bumper that supposedly fixes the issue??"

Steve: "iDunno"

Question: "Do I need to turn off my WiFi Basestation for you to demo your phone??"

Steve: "iDunno"
by mastertrainer1978 July 23, 2010
How lazy people say "I don't know.".
Mom: What do you want to eat?
Kid: I dunno.
by Bananaramamamama October 31, 2009
When a socially inept person, typically a blonde, is presented with a question they don't know the answer to, they try to recover by trying to look sweet, yet confused, and smile while twirling hair around they're finger and simply answer "idunnoes"
Mike: Hey Shannon! Do you want fries with that shake? *wink wink*

Shannon : *twirling her hair extensions around her finger* "idunnoes"
by 1FatMomma July 29, 2010
Said as fast as possible and in a very high piched voice, a quick response to a question that you are unsure about instead of using "I don't know" (usually said when angry or when you want to annoy the other person)
Person 1: "C'mon, seriously. What do you want to do later??"

Person 2: "idunno!!!!!!!!!!"
by o August 22, 2003

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