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Said, usually in conjunction with a "smh" (or physical shaking of the head), in a situation where a person is just being a hot mess. Can either be a playful response to a friend (ex. 1) or a flabbergasted response to someone who isn't a friend (ex. 2).
Joe: I got pissy drunk at the party last night, girl! I woke up in the parking lot of a retirement home.
Tiffany: OMG...I can't even with you.

Will: I'm against gay marriage, I voted to deny prom tickets to gay couples in high school, I don't think gay people should be able to adopt kids, I've donated thousands of dollars to Exodus International, and I don't like Ricky Martin. How dare you call me a homophobe!
Justin: smfh...I can't even with you.
by TheNannyNamedFran July 02, 2011

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