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Root is Linux talk for a user that can do anything, this saying is related to saying that they are the pwnz0r.
I used a SSH and did sudo -s, now I AM ROOT! RAWR!

$ sudo su -

by Racecar56 February 28, 2009
In computer-speak, root is the base directory (folder) on which a system runs off of. So Win32 (Thats Windows) and Unix (thats Mac), and some Linux, the root is "/". ALL operations on the computer are subject to the root command (command put in with nothing before it but "/")

I.E. the basic ruling principal for a computer. I am root means i am god of this computer system (or just earth)
I owned your network using SSH and sudo commands. I am root.

Can also be used like leet/1337. I.E. i am root haxor (instead of 1337)
by Dean Machikas September 10, 2007
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