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Small coastal town mainly populated by inbred people. Could also be the subject of a terrible soap opera.
eldorado & family affairs are prime examples of this town, as for residents... the dingles?
by Mr Happy January 08, 2004
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Hythe, Kent (UK), the most unknown town of Kent. It inhabits lots of stuck-up old people, loud-mouthed chavs and the occasional druggy, smoking 'round the back of Waitrose. Sometimes, you will even find people of good music taste, amazing!
It has a lot of fields leading to nowhere, so if you have an unbearably annoying child, just leave them in one of Hythe's many fields. Or, you could throw them in one of our many canals.. That could work too.
Person 1: Look at that chav, they must be going to Hythe.
Person 2: Haha, yeah, they must be going round the back of Waitrose.
by Roobs October 29, 2012
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South coastal town over run by Burberry clad reprobates.
Hythe - The Original Burberry Massive Town
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