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(n.) A variation of "nuts" (testicles) that females may have which represent that the girl has another person's complete attention to them. This type of attention usually refers to when a girl has strongly commanded another guy (or girl)'s romantic affection, but can also be used for when they have other friends/followers consistently demanding that female's attention. The word derives from "hypothetical" and "testicles."
1. Guy 1: "Man, have you seen Chris lately?"
Guy 2: "Nahh. He's always with that one girl he's been talkin to. He's all on her hypothesticles."

2. Girl 1: "How many times has he called you in the past five minutes?"
Girl 2: "I couldn't even count, girl. He's all up on my hypothesticles, you know?"
by Ryan McNugget April 24, 2011

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