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1. A hypocritical person who often proclaims others as being a dipshit or another insulting word that should instead be used to describe him/herself.

—Related forms
hyp·o·dip·shit·i·cal, adjective
hyp·o·dip·shit·i·cal·ly, adverb
su·per·hyp·o·dip·shit, noun

(See "displaced aggression")
<Hypodipshit> hey dipshit, I need you to tell me how to get to that hydroponic store, I got lost driving there again, that one I showed you where I get the discount at.
<Susan> You're such a hypodipshit.

<Hypodipshit> When I become rich I am going to have 6 exotic wives and a huge house on the lake with a fleet of jet skis!
<Hypodipshit> I don't think that men and women should be monogamous.
<Hypodipshit> btw, that guy is such a sleazy piece of shit, I don't know what you see in him, he wants to fuck everyone.
<Susan> That's a bit hypodipshitical of you, don't you think?

<Hypodipshit> You don't know what you're doing, you're so stupid. Let me do it..... F***, I just broke it.
<Susan> Hypodipshit.
by weedz July 14, 2011
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