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Making fun of and heavily judging hipsters as frequently as possible while, in reality, embodying all of the characteristics of a hipster yourself.
"Ug, that is the most hipstertastic bike in the world. Stupid fixies. I can't look at this anymore! Whatever...I'm off to go host my recycled arts and crafts night and must go dumpster dive for the appetizers."

"You are the biggest hypocripster I know!"
by SCAFS July 22, 2009
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Noun: Hypocritical hipsters that hate other hipsters.
Dude, did you just hear that guy say "deck?"
Yeah. I thought he claimed not to be a hipster?
Exactly. He's also a fan of plaid.
That's what we call a hypocripster.
by thealphaproject October 29, 2010
One who engages in heavy criticism of hipsters, often demonstrating a vague understanding of what constitutes a hipster, but ultimately themselves embodying what a hipster truly is.
Between their fax machine method of communication and their constant livejournal posts, Sarah and Jordan are the biggest hypocripsters I know.
by Hypocripster July 19, 2009

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