1. a valiant rogue soldier left by his companions, to roam the kingdom of white ceneter armed with nothing but the nuncocks, a native White Center weapon made of two broken 40 bottles connected by a tampon string.
2. A turd that is abnormally large or percievably would have been substantially painful to release from the sphincter.
3. Del tha Funkee Homosapien
I found a hyphybot between the breasts of a transexual in the retirement home the other day. He sold me some PCP to smoke with keith murray. Only to realize that he hid it inside of a turkeyloaf at albertsons. when i brought it home, i neglected to remember that it was in my shower, because i was on craigslist looking for pussy. a giant beanstalk grew out of my now disfigured tranquilizer doo-doo loaf at my shagrine. I climbed it so i could jack MY beanstalk in George BuSh's receding dickwad.
by gooch mclean December 02, 2007

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