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A controlling, self-centered, narcissistic woman of the corporate world who insists on hyphenating her two (or more) last names. A hyphenatrix typically dominates meetings, abuses subordinates, and generally behaves as if:

(a) rules do not apply to her
(b) others exist in order to please her every desire, no matter how absurd
(c) one last name is simply insufficient to express the glory of her being.

Can generally be identified by her brightly-colored power suits, her chilling, Medusa-like gaze, and her willingness to verbally eviscerate anyone who dares refer to her by only one last name.
Have you met that new head of HR, Megan Smith-Jones?" "Oh sweet Lord...she's a hyphenatrix, isn't she? I'm gonna go work on my resume.
#hypenatrix #dominatrix #boss #alpha female #bitch
by Jokanaan July 23, 2010
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