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Being Incredibly amped and outta control
to the point where your not aggro enough
to split any wigs, but you might want to: give a chain
link fence a good shakin', compliment a friend on his
beautiful beezie, or just start crumpin' till you either
exhaust yourself or break something
I rock the mike like a dyke flicks her silver tongue
Punishing these whack MC's while MaryJane seeps out my lungs.
Slowly rolling rollie poly, nuckin' cuz' I'm "HYPHED" off Stoli',
Step into my cipher and Ill make you all holy.

-Personal Quote
So don't bite it
by Dr. Lumb October 29, 2005
To steal, bite, rip-off, or borrow (without permission) something that belongs to another.
Hyphed; Hyphe, Hyphing (pronunciation - hifed; hife; hifing)
"That DJ hyphed that dubplate from DJ David Rodigan."
by marjah99 October 23, 2013
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