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NORCAL CRUNK, hyphe is to northern cali as what crunk is to the south. hyphe is bringing crunk to a whole new level, just goin all out nastay.
"Ayo, DJ, put that new E-40 single on, its gaurenteed to get the crowd hyphe"

"Yo that party was sick last night, everybody was gettin hyphe"
by MapleLeafCHAMBER November 21, 2004
gettin crazy , crunk to the higest level.
like in music videos like e-40's tell me when to go! when all the guys are shakin their dreds.thats gettin hyphe
by R-achelLE June 23, 2006
Drunk, intoxicated by combo of drugs and Hip Hop. Bay Area, VALLEJO rap scene related.
Mac Dre's "I'm too hard for the F@#$KING Radio", "I get hyphe".
by Robby Perry July 30, 2006
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