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a superlative used to express extreme excitement and agreement. derived from the IT sector and in response to the electronic revolution.
friend 1: "Hey, I was talking to a friend of mine, said he could solve the rubix cube in 4 minutes using only his left hand and his mouth!"

friend 2: "Hyperdope, he he hee. My highschool teacher told us he invented the helicopter. He did drive himself to the hospital after having a heart-attach, so he's pretty cool still."

friend 1: "Hyperdope! yea..."

by illrhythmical1 February 24, 2009
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Moving faster as through time and space in becoming iconic and legendary.
Whoa dogg, you turned that out hyperdope.

I had some great performance today. I turned out sales hyperdope.

See Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy slash "scrumtrulescent."
by R. Anthony February 22, 2009

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