the result of drinking mountain dew.
man i got sooo hyper last night when i drank that liter of mountain dew!
by SchoolIsUncool May 16, 2009
This prefix is used as an adjective to describe a person who is high-strung. From the term "hyperactive."
You are so hyper!! Ugghhh..
by mr. yoso June 28, 2012
Someone who is in ur ear constantly and does not know the meaning of the word chill. Is typically a person u would prefer not to be with.
That hyper bitch at work gave me a headache.
by Fbomber89 December 09, 2009
In general, the word "hyper" means...
Over; Above; Beyond; Excessive
The basic meaning of "hyper" is "beyond" or "above", so it's obvious to use "hyper-X" for the higher-intensity of "X". As we say... Hyperactive man
by Nash May 11, 2003
A term used to replace horny (and other similar terms) in school or the workplace to avoid dirty looks or risk being fired/suspended.
Girl 1 : "You shoulda seen him! Boy, he is so sexy!"

Girl 2 : "Oh, I know!"

Girl 1 : "Shit, he has us all hyper now, huh?"
by Hawleh July 18, 2008
can be used to replace the word "horny"
code-term that a female can use to inform her friends that she is willing to get it on with a male
"damn amanda i am soo hyper rite now!!" (wink)
by elora/amanda December 31, 2004
Frank; Straightforward ;Friendly.
A person who has really good features, and will not turn his/her back on you when things go wrong
Dude, he was really hyper last night with me
by Tom Jones Jooly November 12, 2006
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