A person(s) that rocks skate clothes like stussy, supreme, nike sb, the hundreds,diamond and all that other stuff just to try and be cool around a center of people and has bitch about everything to everybody. Yet, those people dont realize all that came from skateboarding
Retard: Yo dude look at my Nike sb Mf doom's dude!!!

Smart Guy: You know that shit came from skating, why you think it says SB.

Retard: Nahh dude, Skateboarding and MF Doom. Nahh it didnt come from skating.

Smart Guy: Well that and all that other shit did like Supreme, The Hundreds, diamond, and stussy did dipshit...
Stupid hypebeast (In the head)
by Me2132154684856432168564 January 02, 2010
someone who wears flashy bright colored nikes and streetwear to fit in and get props. hypebeasts usually tend to make fun of others who dont spend over $2,000 on jeans and t-shirts.
girl: "i think hypebeast are sexy because they dress similar to me"

me: "what the fuck has this word come to?!"
by thenormalAG November 23, 2010
A person who share the same qualities as Mark Anthony Flores
OMG, That guy is such a hypebeast, kinda like Mark Anthony Flores
by MMMREESESCUPS October 15, 2008
Please refer to Hypebeast Forum's member "Fishscale" or ISS' member "Listen to Ghostface".
Yo, who's that fool overmatching all of his fits on Hypebeast's forum?

Oh, that's the hypebeast Fishscale.
by Jason88kkk March 16, 2007
A person who tries to be into style because no one likes them and the only thing they have gonig for them is their hypebeast status
1. That fucking darryl is a fuckin hypebeast.
by someguywithamachete August 11, 2008
Sneakerheads that got game and made them sneaker-fakes jealous. We all look alike and think we're all different from each other.
I'm the illest hypebeast around!
by NeilBeezy February 08, 2009
Someone who nobody likes so they dress streetwear so they look cooler. IE: Nike SB Dunks, The Hundreds, Crooks and Castles, Orisue,
Brett B.: Hey look at my Bics
A and N : Stfu fag.
Brett B.: You can't get them anywhere.
A and N: Well you got em over priced; Hypebeast.
by ihatehypebeasts January 17, 2009

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