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Please refer to Hypebeast Forum's member "Fishscale" or ISS' member "Listen to Ghostface".
Yo, who's that fool overmatching all of his fits on Hypebeast's forum?

Oh, that's the hypebeast Fishscale.
by Jason88kkk March 16, 2007
A person who tries to be into style because no one likes them and the only thing they have gonig for them is their hypebeast status
1. That fucking darryl is a fuckin hypebeast.
by someguywithamachete August 11, 2008
Sneakerheads that got game and made them sneaker-fakes jealous. We all look alike and think we're all different from each other.
I'm the illest hypebeast around!
by NeilBeezy February 08, 2009
Someone who nobody likes so they dress streetwear so they look cooler. IE: Nike SB Dunks, The Hundreds, Crooks and Castles, Orisue,
Brett B.: Hey look at my Bics
A and N : Stfu fag.
Brett B.: You can't get them anywhere.
A and N: Well you got em over priced; Hypebeast.
by ihatehypebeasts January 17, 2009
Definitely a beast of style. A chronic trendy shopper. Always has new fits and kicks everyday. Lookin' fresh to death.
That dude is a straight up hypebeast, i mean look at those kicks.

or in other words a Marc Coloma.
by Lupe the Killa November 06, 2007
a fag who wears flanell.
a fag who is Completely obsesssed with shoes.
a fag who collects them and doesnt wear them.
a person who wears hyped up stuff.
somone that TRIES to dress like a "cool kid"
kenny c.<---- major one
bob:look at my new flannel shirt!
joe: man that looks cool, im gonna order some tonight.
bob:cool, lets go suck eachother now.
joe:sounds cool.
bob:man i hate hypebeast.
joe:me too.
normal kid: wow, fucking hype beast.
bob and joe:"go and cry"

by flannel's4fag'slikekenny March 17, 2009
one that wears outlandlish clothes that are brighter than the sun. also people who wear nike sb dunks or "exclusive" sneakers or clothes. people who wear all over print hoodies and small shirts meant for girls.
The king of hypebeast Jerome is wearing alife baby blue sneakers.

king of hypebeast:Jerome
by fusion ti May 09, 2008