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-a sexually transmitted disease (STD) contracted from having sexual intercourse with a hype beast(see hype beast)
Did ya hear? Brandon caught hypes from Michael.
by Nich Neb July 10, 2008
(verb) to smoke weed/get high with a friend via skype.
Lindsay and I hyped yesterday and got so blazed.
by PhizzleMcColeman May 18, 2010
To be on a hype is to be very excited, hyperactive.
1/He got drunk and was runnin round on a hype.
by HeDgEs18 June 01, 2005
a female, use only for the late night creepin, also another southern (Houston) way of saying a Booty call, also see Hawk's song "you already know"
I cant hang tonight,I'm about to call some HYPE over.
by Damon July 06, 2004
the point of greatness that an asshole becomes obsessed with, despite it's only a fad
dude, quit riding your hype like it's the new wonderbread!
by animedude April 24, 2004
A needle
"Hey junkie, you got any used hype on yah?"
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
by Anonymous June 22, 2003