Another word for effort. Usually in terms of how much energy would be used to do something. Whether something is worth doing or not based on how difficult it would be. Stoner Slang.
Lets hype over to Emma's place, she just made brownies!
by HiddenLotus April 25, 2011
A form of energy usable when once reaches a peak of maximum capacity. Going into 'Hype' will allow for extreme bouts of physical action.
Person A: GOD DAMN IT!

Person B: WHAT?!

Person A: -Starts punching and kicking the air wildly at a consistently increasing speed.-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

Person B: The hell?

Person A: -Smacks person B with a pillow.- WHERE'S YOUR HYPE DAMN IT?! -Jumps off a flight of stairs and wave dashes out the door.-

Person B: . . . -In awe-
by Black Rain Sera February 26, 2012
Hype is a band of four talented musicians. From Los Gatos, California the band consists of Stephen Radabaugh (vocals and lead guitar), Chris Perry (vocals and guitar), JoJo Ventura (drums) and Chloe Bennie (bass).

Hype first started as a creation of Stephens mind. Wanting to make an album he went to friend Chris to help with his ideas and make them into reality. Soon later they asked Chloe and JoJo to join and HYPE was made.

They bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry combining many genres to make their own mash of pop punk/rock, alternative, indie rock and rock. Influenced from bands such as The Clash, Blink 182, The Who, and The Replacements. They bring edginess to the stage yet make their instruments sing with beautiful melodies and riffs. From songs like In The City to Off Base to Could Be Anything the band brings a diversity of an 'all killer no filler' band.

The combination of Perry and Radabaugh writing riffs and lyrics so catchy and, Venturas dumming skills as if he was born playing drums and Bennies simplistic bass style make for a perfect combination.
"I just went and watched Hype perform! It was totally hype!"
by hypefangirl April 27, 2013
-a sexually transmitted disease (STD) contracted from having sexual intercourse with a hype beast(see hype beast)
Did ya hear? Brandon caught hypes from Michael.
by Nich Neb July 10, 2008
To be on a hype is to be very excited, hyperactive.
1/He got drunk and was runnin round on a hype.
by HeDgEs18 June 01, 2005
the point of greatness that an asshole becomes obsessed with, despite it's only a fad
dude, quit riding your hype like it's the new wonderbread!
by animedude April 24, 2004
(verb) to smoke weed/get high with a friend via skype.
Lindsay and I hyped yesterday and got so blazed.
by PhizzleMcColeman May 18, 2010
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