-a sexually transmitted disease (STD) contracted from having sexual intercourse with a hype beast(see hype beast)
Did ya hear? Brandon caught hypes from Michael.
by Nich Neb July 10, 2008
To be on a hype is to be very excited, hyperactive.
1/He got drunk and was runnin round on a hype.
by HeDgEs18 June 01, 2005
(verb) to smoke weed/get high with a friend via skype.
Lindsay and I hyped yesterday and got so blazed.
by PhizzleMcColeman May 18, 2010
the point of greatness that an asshole becomes obsessed with, despite it's only a fad
dude, quit riding your hype like it's the new wonderbread!
by animedude April 24, 2004
A needle
"Hey junkie, you got any used hype on yah?"
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
a female, use only for the late night creepin, also another southern (Houston) way of saying a Booty call, also see Hawk's song "you already know"
I cant hang tonight,I'm about to call some HYPE over.
by Damon July 06, 2004
Hoes you poke easy H.Y.P.E.
The one you kicks it with when you cant be with the one oyu love!!
by Delisa a*k*a D-luv April 07, 2003

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