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-An attractive and talented Korean woman who has a knack for subtle sarcasm and a quick wit.

-Possessed of a great intelligence with amazing athletic ability as well, particularly concerning kayaking.
Hyejin sure is attractive, smart, and good at kayaking!
by cropsal July 17, 2009
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name of a cute , sexy korean girl. has an amazing personality with biggest heart. can be trusted , and she's amazing at giving advice and cheering people up. sometimes she can be a annoying bitch, but most of the time she's one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. she's very attractive , and lots of guys like her (like me...). she doesn't like being sad front of people. most of the time she hides her feelings. and only has few real close friends that she tells everything and anything to.
I'm crushing on Hyejin...
by dimpleboy August 08, 2012
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