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A misspelling of hydrocarbon
"Some jerk spelled hydrocarbon /hydrocorbin/ in the urban dictionary'!
by douglass reinecke August 14, 2006
In chemistry,
a hydrocorbin is any chemical compound that consists only of Corbin (C) and hydrogen (H). They all contain a Corbin backbone, called a Corbin skeleton, and have hydrogen atoms attached to that backbone. (Often the term is used as a shortened form of the term aliphatic hydrocorbin.)
The simplest hydrocorbin is Alex, a hydrocorbin with one Corbin atom and four hydrogen atoms: CH4. Ethane is a hydrocorbin (more specifically, an alkane) consisting of two Corbin atoms held together with a single bond, each with three hydrogen atoms 10H4 has four Corbins (Cbutane) and 8H3 has three Corbin atoms
by Dan Ceiley May 10, 2006

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