Top Definition
A Hot White Bish;
a very atractive white girl

Pronounced: Hoob, Hwib, Hub

also see, Hwberculosis (a preference for white girls)
C: Man that girl is how
T: yea shes a total Hwb
by Cfu August 13, 2006
Hipsters with benefits or Hipster with benefits
Hipsters are loved in the whole world, and they get a lot of benefits, bro.
"I just got a an A on my Essay" - Me
"Your just a HWB.." - Random dude
by Genuine Hipster February 10, 2012
Hottie With Body
Wow, did you see that HWB???
by skippi chic October 29, 2002
Acronym: Hot Wet Bitch
Damn you see that HWB? I'd hit it!
by offspring22 May 25, 2005
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