A "hut" is a hand motion used when someone does something stupid or ignorant. A prime example of a hut is holding your hand like one would in a high five and point that hand at the person or thing that did something stupid. The thumb is pointing upwards and the fingers and pointing towards the target.
Austin: Yo can i have a waterslide down from my room to the pool for my birthday?
Ben: "HUT" (displays the hut motion)

Jeremy: My fantasy football team will score 250 points this weak because of Jamaal Charles
Josh: "Hut" (displays the hut motion)
by Milder Beef Ninja December 06, 2009
An overly large around indiviual--- ref. Star Wars
wow that beast is a hut!!!
by bobsuruncle September 08, 2005
when you combine slut and ho accidentally
We are the HUTS do NOT FUCK with us!! (unless you're hot)
by Caroline October 20, 2004
When you are playing a game such as Mechwarrior or Battletech involving giant walking robot tanks, and your robot gets so badly shot up that it becomes a shed, and you stay in the game and become even more badly shot up, your robot will become a hut.
"I was a shed and now I am a hut. I really must retreat."
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
to have intercourse.
I'm going to hut that girl later.
by ryan April 01, 2004
a combination between a wHore and a slUT - almost like a slore but a Hut gets paid more than a Slore and does it for free a little less often.
Betty is such a Hut, she made me pay for pleasure and then did philip for free like an hour later.
by Jennii November 18, 2006
A word used throughout the black culture(especially in the vocabulary of omar)meaning the act of oral sex; blowjob
Graham...i love the way you give me hut.
by C-hoe July 01, 2006

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