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A character played on the TV show "Martin". Hustleman was often seen on the tough urban streets of the ghetto trying to sell questionable black-market goods lined on the inside of his trench-coat.

Enterprises included operating a door-to-door wedding & food catering business based out of a stolen shopping cart, selling free-range chicken marinated in pork and bean juice and trying to get a record deal playing a saxophone with a kazoo stuck to the mouthpiece. Not to be confused with his brother Bobby (Bobby's from Texas). Hustleman comes from the means streets of Detroit.
What you got hustleman? What you sellin? You know my sales slogan, You want it - - I got it, If I ain't got it - - I'mma get it, So get it while the gettins good!
by BMoney007 November 29, 2005
The go-getter on any college campus. Does whatever it takes to get a buck and keep money in their pockets.
Mike: Man! I forgot to bring my psp, my labtop and i need me some food, I guess im gon have to head out and go shopping.
Ron: Ha! You don't have to go nowhere, hustleman just got a supply of all that yesterday!
by Naesed January 26, 2009
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