hurtin is a form of the word ugly.
"yo did you see that chick just walk by?"

"Yea she was mad hurtin."
by Jaboc October 26, 2007
Top Definition
Someone or something that is in need of improvement.
Tanya is hurtin and so is her truck.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
A rural Pennsylvania term meaning something, someone or some situation that is lame, bogus, or otherwise unpleaseant to deal or cope with.
1) I took five final exams scheduled over just two days. Man, that's just hurtin!

2) As far a Presidents of the United States go, George W. Bush (aka Ass Bush) is just hurtin.

3) Dude! Your POS 1989 Ford Fiesta is hurtin!
by Tenacious Faulker September 18, 2009
1. An object, person, or situation which is sketchy, questionable.
2. May be used to describe an individuals state or physical appearance.
1. "Man, two of Jordan's ex's showed up at that party last night...that's fuckin' hurtin'."
2. "Oh shit, did you see that broad that Matt roosted last night - She was soooo hurtin'."
by Chief Broken Sock January 05, 2006
Someone, or something that is generally ugly and undesirable
Thats your girlfriend? Fuck, that chick is hurtin'
by swave April 17, 2004
to be in dire need of something
"and he was hurtin, so I helped him out a little."
by timothius February 06, 2007
adj. 1.the expression of a person after they have been treated. 2. to feel stupid or dumb. 3. all scipes in chicago nick name.
"Get yo hurtin' ass out of my face"
"nicca i aint got nothang to say to yo hurtin' ass for cheatin' on me"
"when Josh got dumped, I know he was hurtin'"
by Deborah Myles November 11, 2006
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