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mr hurst at cheadle hulme school lol go u rok on pervs
i can c rite up ur skirt
by clodders March 12, 2004
40 59
a very sexy individual, that you can't help but fall in love with
your such a hurst ohh yeah
by singe4 May 17, 2005
108 55
Bitchin suburb of Ft. Worth texas! legit people live there right in the middle of everythingg....cept a dq. Hurst has almost anything you want. Cool crowd of people diverse in ethnicity,incomes and parts. we ghetto,classy,mid-level. fucking melting pot of the dfw area!
man 1:heyy! dude wanna go to freakin hurst!?

man 2:Fucking of coursee hurst is where its at!
man 1: Fo sho! everyone's kicking it there
by toolegittooquit June 20, 2011
24 14
Someone who defecates in a bush or other shrubbery.

"what are you doing there?"
"he is just doing a hurst"
by noone11111 September 26, 2007
36 27
a chupacabra... too fast to feel and leaves the victim feeling like a carcass.

caution- keep your door locked.
i need to go to the hospital i just got hurst last night.
by pyridozine hydrochloride June 11, 2010
6 12
verb. The act of preforming sexual intercourse upon any innocent wild game, such as deer, turkey and especially wort hogs.
Wesley: "Im so exciting I can't believe how nice that buck is I just shot!"

Billy Bob: "Yeah man why dont you finish it off by hursting it"
by Tommy Callahan February 10, 2004
26 47