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the proper reaction to a completely unfunny joke.
"Hey guys, when you're driving, you better be CAR-ful."
by HurpMaster October 31, 2011
8 13
Hiccup burps, some people when they hiccups, burp instead of hick-uping. Combining the two you get 'the hurps', the hurps often causes pain in the throatmuscles.
Dude1: Man i got the hurps so bad Dude2: You got herpes? Dude1: Hiccup burps, not herpes you deadshit
by Centerlink April 30, 2011
7 2
the result of a hiccup/burp combo.
Yo son, I drank that natty ice so quickly I hurped like 10 times.
by P Thuggy January 18, 2008
23 35
The act of hiccuping while talking, resulting in an embarrasing attempt to hold it inside your chest, though that never works and you are left with a strange 'Hu-URP' noise.
"Jane, I like your-Hurp!"
by Emma Wilson June 21, 2005
8 34