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A "hurkey" is a jump where one extended leg goes in front of you and one extended leg goes behind you.
Josh scored at football and did a hurkey.
#jump #leg #black #ghetto #hukey
by marco1 June 04, 2006
A human that you like that is over weight. When the apocalypse happens u eat it and the person is fat so you get the extra meat to eat.
I ate hurkey on my way to school.
by Man27 May 18, 2016
When you use products only found in a turkey to make a girl squeal like a pig.
I just hurkied that girl so hard that she had piglets
Last night i heard my roomate hurkey his girlfriend
#hurkey #ham #turkey #squeal #pig #butter #food #sex #horny #asshole #dick #sauce
by piggybank67 December 26, 2009
A female's genital (twat) that is too big and looks like the flap of skin that hangs from a turkey's beak called a wattle and snood. There are a few reasons why a woman's genitals are big
1. She is black or Mexican
2. She is really fat
3. She is a really really really big slut
Calling someone a hurkey can be as bad calling someone a cunt, or worst if used right=] it can be racist, sexist and extremely mean...i love it!!!
My brother called his ex a hurkey and he pulled the skin from his neck down and while shaking it he made turkey noises...she cried!!!!=]=
#cunt #racist #sexist #twat #mean #fat #slut #loose #genitals
by Alynae' March 08, 2009
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