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A sound meant to be of laughter used in a "retarded" way.
Also hurhurhur is often used when you or someone says something really stupid.
Quaneesha: Do dis skuuuurt make my ass look fat, hooooooooonay?
John: Ofcourse not, your belly makes you look fat.
Quaneesha: hurhurhur, yous be funnay, sonabeeeeeatch.
John: hurhurhur I know.
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 25, 2004
An insincere, typically sardonic expression of mock amusement.
Gilbert: What does that cloud look like to you? Looks like rain, to me!
Doris: Hurhurhur, you're a laugh riot.
by atomicdonkey March 25, 2004
phrase used after saying something very creepy/perverted and tacky all at the same time.

Great for using after attempting to use a (bad) pick up line on someone. Make sure to simultaneously raise eyebrows while saying 'hurhurhur'
-the more 'hur's you use, the creepier it gets
laFonda:hey gurl how yer bf doing? He still work at dat fruit store?
Anne: Oh, horace? ohhh yeahh I'd like to suck any banana he sell hurhurhur
laFonda: gurl stop tryna be clever you killin me

(leans across counter)
Jose: Hey are you cambells?
Laurel: ummm
Jose: cause youre mm mm good hurhurhur
Laurel: SMACK

Olaf: sooooooooooo see any good movies lately? hurhurhur
by drewPballs August 27, 2011
1. A sound made commonly by one who is pleased by shiney objects and believes that the film "Deliverance" is a good ole' fashioned romantic-comedy.
2. Sarcastic, pseudo-obtuse laugh given by an individual when they find something is
A.) not really all that humorous.
B.) a little funny, but wish to cover up any trace of that fact and therefore side-step any shame associated with it.
C.) worth annoying their friends by following it with this silly, silly noise.
3. A universal taunt
1. When Bobby Joe found himself a nickle he done said, "Hurhurhur! Now that's Ah's can 'ford some bait...Ah'ma gonna take me Cousin Elle out fer a hot fishin'-kissin' date too-naght!!!Hurhurhur!!!"
A. BioDome was hilarious! Hurhurhur!
B. Yeah...Hurhurhur...Biodome...
C. Tim: "I rented Biodome"
Rob: "Biodome? Hurhurhur!"
3. This is you, "Hurhurhur!" you suck!
by Mcaffy March 25, 2004
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