the way of life for many hunting enthusiasts. oftenly stereotyped as being a red neck thing but is vastly enjoyed in europe

(it keeps me off of the streets)
me and my dad went hunting this weekend
by WHITE MIKE March 21, 2005
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1. The taking and killing of animals by various methods for either food or sport.

2. About the fastest way to get oneself shot while in the company of Dick Cheney.
Going hunting with Dick Cheney is about the fastest way to get oneself shot, since going hunting with him is an accident waiting to happen.
by jesster79 March 03, 2006
Simply when you call someone's name and make it look like it wasn't you, so the other person looks back and gets confused.

You can disguise your voice for better effect.

There is also the reverse hunt, when you make someone think someone called your name.
Josh: Dude you should go hunt Billy

Bob: BILLY *casually turns around and walks away not making eye contact*

Billy: *frantically turns around and looks around everywhere in confusion*

Everyone: HUNTEDDDD!


Reverse hunting:
Bob: Billy did someone just call your name?

Billy: What??? *looks around everywhere very confused*

by Websites1234567891 April 20, 2013
Hunting is to bitch or complain about someone or a certain instance.
To be hunty is to be bitchy.
The term hunt is a politically correct term for the word cunt.
Brad: Mike, why are you hunting today?
Mike: Im so hunty because i cant even watch nascar tomorow because i have to get the massive bump removed from my arm.
Brad: Stop being a Hunt.
by pooplito February 19, 2011
When Emily forgets to wear her glasses and thinks that sex noises are in fact noises made whilst hunting!
"Wow, I love Brokeback Mountain! So Ems did you see the sex scene between Heath and Jake?"
"No? When was that?"
"Like just now!"
"What!? I thought they were hunting!?"
*Gina and Lizzie die of laughter*
by My_Sam_and_Dean July 21, 2008

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