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The only word in the english language that can be used as a noun, adverb, verb, and adjective. Variations (Hunk, Hunker, Hunkering, Hunkerish, Skunker, Hunkerest)

1. It can be used to describe a rundown place of living and/or a party
2. It can be used as a state of mind
3. It can be used to describe an ugly woman
4. It can be used to describe a gathering of ugly women
5. It can be used to describe a slutty woman.
6. It can be used as a greeting
7. It can be used to put down a person
8. It can be used to describe a person's ability
9. It can be used to forsee the future of an event
10. It can be used to describe an event
11. An ugly girl on the prowl at a party looking for guys to do.
12. It can be used when dissapointed.
13. Being of the upmost level of hunker.
1. Oh wow, this place is Hunk City.
2. I'm so Hunked right now.
3. Ick, that chick is a Hunker.
4. Look at this place, it's filled with Hunkers.
5. This chick is such a Skunker.
6. (Upon seeing your friend) OOOH, Hunk, Hunk, Hunk.
7. Dude you are such a Hunker.
8. (After shooting a basketball) Oh dude, you hunked that shot.
9. I'm pissed, that class tomorrow is going to be Hunkerish.
10. Dude, Hunk Fest last night was insane.
11. Oh that chick is doing some major hunkering right now.
12. (Something goes wrong) Awww HUNK!
13. Dude that was the Hunkerest.
An attractive male, usually with nice chiseled abs and a very sexy tan.
Even though hes a math teacher, Mr Richards sure is a hunk
by w00tw00t February 16, 2004
Extremely Hot Male Model.
Usually Tanned, Built, Tall, And Poses In Underwear.
Look at that hunk posing in that underwear advertisement!
by clarke August 09, 2004
A very attractive male that you want to sex him all up.
Omg! Look at Tam Nguyen! He is such a HUNK! AHHHH
by Pandabebi June 30, 2009
A subculture that combines the ethos of the hippie movement with the philosophies of the punk rock movement. Experimentalism and improvisation are the trademarks that make up this group. Psychedelic explorations with all of the self-goverened individuality that defines life experience.
Paul has become a hunker, I guess it's safe to say he likes to take LSD and listen to the Bad Brains.
by Myles Byrne-Dunhill June 23, 2011
verb. To be high and drunk at the same time
Hey guys, I shouldn't of had that joint after all those Tequila shots, im feeling quite Hunk right now
by BigMacPaddyWhack August 03, 2011
to be high and drunk
A 40 and a fat one dude, we were mad hunk.
by JIMMYT603 August 15, 2007
A hunk of shit, hynka, something small and uncool. A giant tease that makes marks on necks...big marks...really really big ones, not small like pluto...big like ummm jupiter, wait no...the SUN...'EUGE!

see Hunking - To tease, to lead on.
1. To wash your face in Hunk.
2. Hunk is a easy word to spell.
3. Did you see that hunk last night?! I didnt.
4. To hunk someone.

by Jason1234567876543 June 20, 2006