waking up hungover, but also hungry.

"Man, I need an aspirin and a sandwich, I am so hungrover."
by jcat12 March 07, 2009
Top Definition
When you have an extreme hangover and you need food, but are too hungover to get up and get it yourself.
Sorry, Mom, I can't make it to your wedding...I'm way too hungrover and no one will bring me food.
by spfcx April 12, 2006

1. Pertains to a situation where a person feels hungry and hungover at the same time.

2. The feeling of hunger and hangoverness.
Mike is so hungrover, he woke up hungry with a hangover.
by jen n juice June 19, 2009
Waking up extremely hungry. It is simply a play on the word hungover but actually does not relate to it.
Nick didn't eat dinner last night and this morning he said he woke up totally hungrover.
by Son0fAtreus March 12, 2009
The layover of hunger felt at 3pm caused by eating awesome lasagna too early in the day for lunch.
I ate my awesome lasagna too early in the day for lunch, now I'm soooo hungrover.
by Hipster Toop October 27, 2010
Hungry and hungover.
I shouldn't have had that last shot of Kentucky Gentlemen. I'm hungrover, lets go to Illegal Pete's for some guacamole.
by DuzzyFunlop January 24, 2013
The physical state you are generally in the morning after a night of excessive alcohol consumption, characterised by sluggishness and serious munchies.
I really shouldn't have had those last five Jagerbombs... And the fridge is empty... I am seriously hungrover
by AnythingGoes! November 19, 2010
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