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Hungoverfield is the feeling that you get after a long night of drinking, smoking, partying, or more plainly going buck wild.

You wake up with a terrible headache, confusion, perhaps vomiting, blurred vision, and gasping for air. Normally the same feeling received by sitting at the front of the theatre during the release of cloverfield.
Ex. 1. Brandon drank so much that when he woke up in the random closet, his only thought was that he was in a state of hungoverfield.

Ex. 2.

Ross: Dude I had no idea where I was this morning!
Brandon: I have no clue how you are still alive!
Ross: The only way to put it is to say I lived through hungoverfield.
by RossduhBoss February 18, 2010
that place you go to when your just so hungover possibly the morning after you visited chunderville... and any kind of movement feels like you might just die...
day 2 in hungoverfield and the weather is yet to improve

translation; i feel like utter shit for the second day in a row and im not going to feel better anytime soon
by jgoldy December 05, 2010

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