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a accient chinese term used to describe the act of not being able to shit.(constipation)
master wong tried franticly to blow out his massive shit he had worked up but it was pointless, he had hung chow.
by margie mario January 15, 2008
the physical and mental state following a bender or big night of drinking categorized by the need to eat everything in sight, all day long.
Breakfast burrito: 8 am
Snickers bar: 10 am
Grilled Salami and Cheese: 12pm
Milkshake: 2 pm
Cheetos: 3pm
Pineapple binge: 4pm
Burgers and Fries: 6pm
Whiskey, cocktails and preparing for yet another hung-chow day tomorrow: 7pm-2am
by gorker July 10, 2009
Constipation. Unable to defecate.
Joe writhed, grunted, farted but he could not pass the rock-hard fecal matter. Last night's chow was definitely hung.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
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