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A derogatory name for Tappahanock, Virginia. Tappahannock is known for its wannabe street-thug but still too small town populace. There's a lot of inbreeding going on.
The skanks were out in force at Humpy Town Walmart.
by Dirk Dingle October 07, 2006
A slur against Tappahannock, Virginia. There are only 1500 people, but one happens to be rapper Chris Brown. So everybody pretends to be a kingpin. Most of the people happen to be humpy, however.
Humpy 1: "He got all up in my face 'cuzza his grrl talkin' 'bout my grill."
Humpy 2: "Snap!"
Humpy 1: "Jus life in Humpy Town."
by Benton Squirrelhead December 20, 2006
Dis against Tappahannock, Va. The people here are mostly humps, as in "dumb as a hump in the road", so everybody calls it humpy town. However, the more successful Chris gets, the bigger the heads of the humps become.
Hump1: Chris Brown in dat movie Stomp da Yard.
Hump2: Yup.
Hump1: He dead.
Hump2: He dead?
Hump1: In da movie, yo.
Hump2: Chris be crunkin', Humpy Town representin'.
Hump1: Hollywood keepin' da Hump man down, gotsta have him die, yo.
Hump2: True dat.
by Winkie Wadsworth February 03, 2007
Tappahannock, Va. Chris Brown's hometown. This tiny hamlet also was featured in Farenheit 911. A small, inbred place, famous for beating girlfriends/wives.
Humpy 1: RiRi was mad cuz Chris got a txt from Paris, and Chris gave RiRi the smackdown.

Humpy 2: He learned all that in Humpy Town.
by whatshesaid February 11, 2009
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