Fat ass

A person who is attracted to food, eats too much, and has a gravitational pull.
Timothy Hummel; Dir of Bands in East Troy.
by yetiwife of above mentioned May 06, 2009
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A German self-propelled gun used during World War II. It was an 88mm gun on a Panzer 4 chassis. Literally, Hummel is German for "bumblebee."
A Hummel battery was providing antiaircraft protection for that German convoy.

Two Hummels were destroyed by bazookas.
by Tom from the Shore April 02, 2008
To destroy something in the carrying out of some act. FUBAR. To destroy something beyond any recognition. To permanently change from one form to a less pleasing and desireable form.
God we just Hummeled that hotel room!
More normally...God that chick got Hummeled last night! She's walking all funny.
This party is about to get Hummeled!
by The Truthiness February 03, 2010
Originally the Hummel was a temporary solution made by the Nazis during World War II to make the 15 cm howitzer gun (type of big artillary) mobile. This design proved so successful that it remained into service until the end of the war. The Hummel made its first appearance at the battle of Kursk.
"Hummel" means "bumbelbee" in German.
by Dan the Man June 16, 2005
When a woman is performing oral sex on a male and he busts up in her mouth. She then spits out the cum and licks it back up.
That Asian prostitute charged me $150 for a hummel!
by BillytheMarlin May 19, 2010
A person who is a feminist nymphomaniac. She usually is in some sort of teaching position, and enjoys screwing students over if they complain about her to her boss.

Although Hummel is her formal name or "nickname", many know her simply by "that nympho beyotch"
Dude1: "WTF! That b*tch totally screwed us over, just because we told on her for treating us unfairly!"
Dude2: "What a Hummel!"
by cheerio! March 30, 2010
A general term used to express the fact that someone or something is God's Gift To Women.
Damn i wish i could Hummel that chick!
by Devine Will October 10, 2003
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