One is being "humerious" when they are "half joking" or being "half serious." It's a method of speech where someone makes a statement in a humorous way that implies/hints a serious idea behind it. Unlike being completely serious, it charms the target person, which usually results in a better outcome. People are humerious every day.

ps. Another good thing about humeriousness/humere is it gives the person the statement is said to the power to casually avoid or pursue the hint.. without hurting as many feelings as a rejection to a serious question.
"F*** you!"
"Yes please.."

successful answer: "Im down."
unsuccessful answer: "Sike."


"I have so much money right now, i dont know what to spend it on!"
"Well, you're 100% welcome to spend it on me.."
"Haha. You're being humerious aren't you?"
"Yeah, pretty much."
"Haha. Okay, what do you want then? An Ipod.. a bike? Cuz I'll actually get you something."

by Kristos Andrews-Drum October 15, 2008

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