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A declaration of annoyance, boredom or other negative emotion. Also available for use as a 'filler' in conversation.

By the way, I invented this word, shortly after 'humbugger' (which wasn't interesting enough to warrant putting on here but means just about the same, but is not as strong a word)
While fixing a dishwasher, the drain hose splits, spilling its contents over the floor - so you shout 'HUMBUGGERATION' in annoyance

While sitting on MSN, you are bored, so you say 'humbuggeration' to everyone you're talking to and then when they ask why you say you're bored. If you're really lucky one of them might get naked on webcam (never worked for me)
(this is better than saying 'lol' or 'lolol', which makes no sense anyway - laugh out loud out loud)

While talking to a mate about how boring/crap life is, you both run out of something to say for a minute, so you say 'Ahh, humbuggeration' to fill the gap.
by Snickers October 02, 2007
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