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The act of humming while teabagging, inducing pleasure from the vibration
man, my bird was teabagging me last night then gave me the humballs. sweet!
by Tabannell May 11, 2006
4 4
When ideally a female but can be and anyone places your balls and your ball sack in their mouth and slightly makes a humming sound. This sends a nice vibration through your balls
MAN: hello sexy how bout some hum balls?
Female: I would like nothing more than to give you hum balls

This is a sexual act and a good one at that.
by Sir Nathan White February 17, 2009
28 16
(1) The act of taking a man's testicle(s) in your mouth and going "HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!".

See also "bawhum" (scots) and "plum hum".

(2) Can also be used as a derogatory term.
(1) That Tracey that works in Abdul's Kebabs gives a mean humball if you buy her a half of Bucky!

(2) See Alec in sales? A right humball and no mistake.
by juux December 22, 2004
9 1
The act of placing your scrotum into a partners mouth whilst they gently hum the theme tune of any popular t.v show
Girl- Hi there how are you?
Guy- Give me a humball

Scotish Girl- Hi there how are you?
Scotish Guy- Gies a Humbaw
by Cantabrian February 26, 2007
5 3