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The cool people's way of saying "hello"
"Hello." Jimmy said to the group of people.

"What a loser" the said as they walked away.

Then Jimmy went on and looked up hullo. And read this definition.


"Hullo." Jimmy said to the group

"How cool he is!" the guys said.

"HAve my children!" the ladies said.

And that's how Jimmy became cool.
by Emily Pettersonn April 30, 2005
What winnie the pooh uses as his casual greeting. Anybody who uses this greeting is using winnie's word.
"Hullo, Rabbit."
"Hullo, Christopher Robin."
"Hullo, Piglet."
by boisetiger October 06, 2009
Greeting, as opposed to 'hello'.
Hullo mate!
by Kaine February 08, 2003
Used in lord of the rings by the hobbits as a greating
hullo miss
by mcdonalds November 05, 2003
The use of Hullo as a greeting is incorrect.

oh hullo! where did this genital wart come from?
by Brother Barney December 13, 2005
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