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The next level of hella. Replaces the awkward "hella hella." Can be a subtle change from hella, or the short "u" sound can be drawn out depending on the gravity of what is being emphasized.
Toph: Where the fuck is Colin?
Ladaniel: I don know, I aint seen that motherfucker in HULLA long.

Mit: What you tryin to do today?
j Fresh: you know, prolly smoke hulla spliffs and play xbox
by DJ_birdslap September 30, 2011
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Word with multiple uses, including hello, holla, hella. Can be used as a sentence enhancer, greeting, exclamation, or question.
hulla? (what did you say?)

Man, that party was hulla fun. (very)

Hulla dude, I haven't seen you in forever! (hey)

Hulla at your boy! (holla)

Who is makin' all that hulla in there?! (noise, hullabaloo)
by StaRJ January 26, 2008

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