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A term used in the abstract to refer to a dirty slapper; a manky hoe; a grubby skank. Someone you don't wanna take home to mama or papa. Can be used in reference to the male of the species also with the simple addition of 'co-ark'. Sometimes, and perculiarly, used as a term of endearment to a close friend, of either sex.
Eeeew. Did you see that hukmo over by the pool? Man, she sure leaves a real bad germy jim up under the rim.

Hukmo co-ark (often used in greeting a male friend, alternatively in ridiculing a foolish male).

Hukmo bee-artch hoe (often used in greeting a female friend, or to describe in more elaborate terms the skankiest of hukmoes that you ever did see).

Hukmo co-ark bee-artch hoe (as above but gender non-specific).
by camban whambam February 07, 2005
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