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A board game that is a word game/trivia combination. The "Word" is revealed as players solve other word puzzles often in the form of a trivia question. Different catagories require different types of questions to be answered.
Let's play Huggermugger tonight instead of Monopoly.
by LeenaLu September 08, 2006
Someone who pretends they are what they're not (often used in Shakespeare as an insult)
Corinne acted like such a hugger-mugger when she hung out with the "popular" people at lunch instead of us.
by ShakespeareGal June 22, 2009
People who stand on street corners with signs asking to give out "Free Hugs". Usually the intended feelings of good cheer and peace intended by these individuals comes across as creepy and vaguely innappropiate in an undefinable manner.
Allison: So I was in town yesterday and there were these two girls on the street corner with signs that said "Free Hugs."

Natalie: OMG!!! Those were so hugger muggers.

Allison: Yeah, I felt kinda violated.
by Comradski June 22, 2008
a state of confusion and or distress
well i told the officer to fuck off in a state of hugger-mugger induced rage!
by Slick May 27, 2003
hugger mugger is the shittiest game on the planet
"pictionary is a hugger mugger game"
by The Rook May 25, 2005
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