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Hugbees is a word used at random moments, by Freakazoid fans. It has no real meaning, its just said, almost as an identifier of those who watch freakazoid and those who don't. If a person doesn't know the word/ don't want to say it, people often try getting them to say it anyways.
Me: Hugbees!
Jeremy: Hugbees!
Ryan: Hugbees!
Clayton: What?
Me: Say it! Say Hugbees!
Clayton: Oh. Why?
Jeremy: Yeah, say it! Hugbees!
Clayton: Fine, Hugbees!
by Zorak Brak December 02, 2003

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Best episode of Freakazoid ever \m/hugbees\m/
by mad at the world March 24, 2003
wanting to hug, hold, kiss, or make-out with someone

To be held, hugged, kissed
I was so hugbee-ish yesterday
I'm hugbee
Hugbee me
by neenbeen November 21, 2004