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A term expressing general displeasure or disdain, specifically towards a given scenario. It's length and tonality may vary, depending both on the person stating it as well as the severity of the scenario.
1.) Doctor: "Your balls have Polio."

You: "Huehhhhhhhh."

2.) You: "Want to come back to my place and- "

Her: "Not in a million years, jackwad."

You: "Huehhh."

3.) Friend: "I've got this awesome thing I am willing to sell to you if you have the money."

You: "How much"

Friend: "10 grand."

You: "Huehhhhh."

4.) Co-Worker: "I got a raise, a bonus and a promotion!"

You: "I got fired. Huehhhhhhhhh."
by Chayne Sauderback January 06, 2010
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