while fucking a girl doggie style, pull out and spit a large amount of saliva on her back to make her think you finished; if done right she will turn around and you can bust all over her pretty face. (this technique works best on blondes.)
"Dude, I pulled the hudini on jen last night."
by grall aka phantoms September 08, 2003
Its when you're out drinking with a bunch of buddies, and one of them disappears (leaves) with out saying good bye. Sometimes done in order to not pay their share of the bill.
Joe was having a great time last night, then he pulled a Hudini on us.
by mr handvt September 12, 2011
Whilst gently fucking a woman in the anus, right before you cum, take your arms, and chop her as hard as you can in her hip area, and then she will procede to shit on your penis.....then you yell "HUDINI!"
"Dude the other day i gave Jill a hudini"
"Awww man thats awesome!"
"It was.......untill she offered to lick her shit off my dick!"
"Gross man!"
by HUUUUUDINI!!! January 31, 2010
nah nah all yall dont have it, its where you butt fuck her and the spit on her like you all where saying but when she turns around you bust your load on her face and proceed to pull her hair over it and punch her in the face
halla, dont wanna write an example
by steak April 22, 2004
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