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To read Huckleberry Finn. Slang popularized due to its characteristic of being "a cooler abbrev."
What are you doing?
What's so funny?
Absolutely nothing.
by hucklemonster March 30, 2011
6 9
A baby or child who's Mommy operates a meth lab.
"Save my HUCKLE" screamed Mommy as the firefighters attempted to put out the trailer fire started by the meth lab explosion.
by charlesmarx September 15, 2009
9 16
poop taking catostrophe- when u have a nasty poop, and the poop maybe runny or super duper slippery. u wipe from under neath and it slides at super fast bubonic speeds to get shit all over ur nut sack. it is all stuck to it now.
"OMG yo dude, i got to go now. OMG dude i just huckled my ass!"
by RJ April 04, 2005
4 11
a gay homo like boy/teenager
weighs over 210Lbs, always annoying
follows u ever where
never will 'play the game hardon!'
one who u must hit just "because"
a person that is that zit between ur ass cheeks, u cant pop it and it is so annoying!
boy from morristown
by RJ April 26, 2004
1 8
A nice person!!
Did you hear that joke Huckle said?
Yeah, it sucked ass.
by Efigeato April 05, 2010
2 10
Faggot of the year from Macomb, Rumored to have jerked off 8 times in one 12 hour period, he is perhaps the most pathetic creature to grace god's green earth. Hating all people of Asian descent, "primitives" from the Middle East, and "skinheads". Huckstank prefers to enjoy nature by spending all of his spare time with his blind sheep who he fudge nudges every night and loves to rip bongs. Once seen chasing beer with smirnoff, Huckle is not known for having testicular fortitude. You can tell when huckle is around because you will hear deafening screams, pleas of help, and smacking noises. Do not approach this creature if you see him, he should be considered horny and dangerous. IF you are drunk and he is sober, beware he may try to get you to give him head in the back of his mom's buick, If you choose to give him head then you must swallow, bc no one wants mama aka Adolf Hilter's reincarnation to get mad at him.
You're huckled

Did you see Huckle cockblock me last night?
3 13
The eternal flame of gayness! The biggest fudge nudger alive! Gets his faced slapped by Rick Jame's cock constantly. Tries to fight back by throwing people 1/2 his size into doors neck first so that they will be paralized for life! Loves to watch mama vick and Mimi get it on while edwin slices the skin off his turkey. 3 different hair colors on his scalp, the worlds only throat Tee. Kankles bigger than your thigh. Yes, it is a sad pathetic site, but u cant stop the urge to kick his ass!
Andrew Scott Hockenberry of Macomb NY
by ass pirate July 22, 2004
3 13