Smoking what you dont smoke
You must be smoking hubbas
by Brandi July 30, 2003
Top Definition
rock cocaine/crack
i saw those fools smokin hubbas by the railroad tracks with yo mama yesterday :)
by dphrakt May 23, 2003
crack rocks. baking soda and cocaine. rocks.
as in hubbas in the alley
by headybrahhhh November 24, 2006
In skateboarding terminology, a tell ledge down a set of stairs where grinds and slides are performed. Originally got it's name from the infamous "Hubba Hideout" spot.
I'm gonna 5-0 that 10 stair hubba.

Brain Anderson front blunts Hubba Hideout in Welcome to Hell.
by Goon Dave October 13, 2005
A rating scale used to describe a man's hotness. The more "hubba's" he is given, the hotter he is.

The number of hubba's a man is given vary, and are dependent upon certain factors such as:

- age

-amount of body hair

- physique

- ethnicity

- dancing abilities
Dwayne Wade is such a hubba-hubba-hubba!

Oh my gawd girl! Denzel Washington is looking a like hubba in that new movie!!
by Heartspigs June 06, 2011
When a girl/man are more beautiful than usual.

When a girl is a habba she usually astounds people and relaxes as well as giving people sort of trance moment in which time stands still. Its as if its not of this world and in fact a dream.
Look at that habba over there. She is just amazingly beautiful!
Check that habba out by the stepping machines.
That girl is simply habbalicious!
by TheHubbaMeister April 12, 2005
the only ledge skaters need
Damn, G Mos just switch smith grinded hubba!
by IZZNICKFOO December 23, 2004
A term used to "get" something right now...
HUBBA (pointing at something and making a motion to yourself)
by Jason McConnell February 18, 2008
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