Acronym for Human Tampon Club.
~"Dude Jake joined the HTC"

~"No way I would fuck a girl on her period man!"
by skisky November 09, 2010
Hit The Cooch
Hey Jack, feel like goin out for a little HTC tonight?
by Jocko123 April 07, 2010
Bad phones named as acronym for Hate This Crap
HTC is exactly what it name means, it's crap
by zakuka March 13, 2011
Hard throbbing cock.
Yeah man, she was all over my HTC, and the man-bag.
by FiXXXer776 August 06, 2006
Acronym for Hard Throbbing Cock
Just like the good ol' HTC!
by Niffles August 06, 2006
A group of "hard" people who live in the LU2 postcode zone of Luton, often reffered to as High Town. HTC literally stands for High Town Crew. You can find HTC tags all over the place up round High Town. You do not want to get on the wrong side of the HTC, as they have people everywhere, in every school. If you know someone in the HTC or someone who has contacts within the HTC and they like you, then most people will leave you alone.
Person 1: Hey, don't piss that guy off, he's in the HTC! You'll get totally battered!

Person 2: Nah, It's alright, my cousin's in the HTC so I'm immune.
by yakuzakitty April 14, 2009
The Holy Trinity of Comedy. A term first used by Stephen Merchant to describe the comedy trio of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington on their XFM London radio. The trio then gained much greater exposure with their subsequent record-setting podcast series.
I can't stop listening to the HTC
by baza210 December 18, 2008

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