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An acronym standing for "Holy shit it's only Wednesday." This was a term originally coined by George Carlin as a reason to drink.
There are going to be HSIOW festivities tonight.
by Jonnyboy008 November 09, 2005
HSIOW is a resturant created by George Carlin. HSIOW is an acronym for "Holy Shit Its Only Wednesday"
George Carlin says, "There would be alot more drinking if it were always Wednesday"
Im going to go grab an after work drink at HSIOW.
by Aspensti November 10, 2006
George Carlin, "You Are All Diseased", the part of the show where he is talking about 'names' which is about 40 minutes into the routine.

He does not care for TGI Friday's and feels they should all be bombed. He'd call a bar "HSIOW" and believes that people would drink a lot more liquor if they thought it was only Wednesday.
Let's go to the bar called HSIOW because it is only Wednesday and I need a drink!!
by Stripey McDangerpants February 25, 2009
Holy Shit It's Only Wednesday
you'll drink more thinking it's Wednesday all the time
It's the middle of the week!!?...H.S.I.O.W. I need a drink!
by The Blood Virus October 16, 2008

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