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A sexy indian god, who is the god of love. Pray to Hrithik when in love despair or need help finding that special someone
"Things between her and I are tight, I better pray to Hrithik for some help
by THe ALpH4 mAL3 March 11, 2014
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A very sensitive person who will deny it a lot and then have a moan if you keep saying it which proves he is sensitive. A person who is compared to alcohol, you can only take a little bit at a time until it starts to become too much and then you'll just go crazy.
Guy: "You don't look so good"
Other Guy: "Yeah I know, I was talking to Hrithik all night.."
Guy: "You poor thing"

Guy: "Your so sensitive!"
Hrithik: "No im not!"
Guy: "Yeah you are, you get worked up over the little things"
Hrithik: "Im not talking to you ever again!"
Guy: "Your just proving your sensitive right now"
Hrithik: "SHUT UP... ;("
by trolgod456 December 11, 2014

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